My Sweet Summer is Gone

In response to this:

My sweet summer is gone were the last words from the last song I heard. Not only do I get excited about The Dirty Heads, (aren’t they like Sublime’s little bro’s? )but the song hits my spot because my summer really is gone. Next week I start another semester and although I feel refreshed after a very smooth summer I can’t help but feel anxious. 

This is it, this is my last homework free weekend.

So, I am determined to make this happen. I will try to keep my composure when balancing a personal, professional and student life. Although the summer is gone for some people, others might not care less, and the most unfortunate in my opinion, others who are simply not aware. People who are so consumed and can’t simply stop for a second and see what is around them. The other day, as I was doing my daily dose of two miles at my beloved Strawberry Park when a thought entered my head: With the exception of a few characters at the park, why isn’t anyone else visibly excited to be alive? In a parallel universe that I like to visit in daydreams people are excited to be alive, aware that they are alive, and most importantly respecting others who are alive. I don’t find it difficult to coexist. I find it difficult to believe that others can find this difficult; Hence these wars, unequal treatment, and the brewing of hatred that is overpowering the world. The only world I know. 

I might just be asking for too much, who knows!

Adios and thanks for reading.



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