Enjoying the Meal

I’ve learned how much less I can eat when I truly set my heart and soul to every bite. Dedication, is what it is. Commitment to chew until there you’ve felt all the flavors reach all the most sensible places in your mouth. It would be ideal if you are able to buy your food locally to ensure freshness, but even frozen vegetables need to be taken slow! I’ve compiled a list that can help you slow your fork down:

  1. If a friend has cooked for you, try to determine all the flavors used, take the time to enjoy the bite, and think of the effort this meal has required. Don’t forget to say “Thanks!”
  2. Take the time to enjoy your food by putting your fork/spoon down while you have food in your mouth. Don’t bother touching the fork until you’ve chewed your food to its entirety and have swallowed. (Your food).
  3. If enjoying a meal with someone else; take two to three bites while following step two, and then before picking up your utensil again take the time to enjoy some conversations. You may or may not be surprised how many people like talking about themselves, but it certainly helps by giving you time determine you feel satisfied with what you’ve eaten.

Note: I do understand that eating slow does not necessarily mean being in good shape. I personally know two individuals who eat slow and are still out of shape. You can still learn something from them!

These tips have been planted on my brain by Redbrick Health, an incentive based-employer based program designed to help me reach my weight loss goals. I have lost < 6 lbs. so far.

So, enjoy each bite like you would enjoy your wine. Salud😉



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