Enjoying The Gift

In the last couple of days I have been reflecting on whether or not I had been making the correct decisions in life. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a mid life crisis; I am only twenty five. I’ve experienced all sorts of situations and I can’t help but to dwell on childhood flashbacks and memories of my mother and think of all the stories that have been a part of my life. In the end, they are just that, stories, stories that have no meaning now.

However, it is this sense of accomplishment I am seeking, that I have an urge to feed. I think of the tiny and meaningless problems that make up my every day life, read the news or click on an interesting informative article, hoping for something useful I can use for a revelation, and suddenly everything changes. My consciousness creeps in and suddenly I am in a different place.

I am suddenly aware of how magical it is to be able to do this. To break yourself apart from what some people call reality, and to reflect on all that space that surrounds you. In a sense, its as if you are able to step out of your body and examine yourself and your surroundings away from the clatter of judgmental thoughts that reside inside your mind. The present truly is a gift, take a few minutes each day to appreciate it.





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