Break Free

People were meant to disappoint. You were made to disappoint. I was made to disappoint. Not continuously, no, but essentially, at some point. There are several types of degrees you can disappoint. For example, a taco lady who gave you cheese instead of bacon on the taco you ordered cannot disappoint you as much as […]

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It is inexplicably hypnotizing to see him in action. While performing “Slow” in his  music video he stares into the camera, while he drums to the beat of his song.  He absolutely captivates you and keeps you waiting for more. Although Twin Shadows’s video was released a few years ago I am looking forward to seeing him […]

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My Sweet Summer is Gone

In response to this: My sweet summer is gone were the last words from the last song I heard. Not only do I get excited about The Dirty Heads, (aren’t they like Sublime’s little bro’s? )but the song hits my spot because my summer really is gone. Next week I start another semester and although I feel refreshed […]

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Enjoying the Meal

I’ve learned how much less I can eat when I truly set my heart and soul to every bite. Dedication, is what it is. Commitment to chew until there you’ve felt all the flavors reach all the most sensible places in your mouth. It would be ideal if you are able to buy your food […]

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Enjoying The Gift

In the last couple of days I have been reflecting on whether or not I had been making the correct decisions in life. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a mid life crisis; I am only twenty five. I’ve experienced all sorts of situations and I can’t help but to dwell on childhood flashbacks and memories of […]

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